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High Fidelity Montessori Guaranteed

Education For Life

A Montessori school for children ages 18 months - 6 years

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8 Key Principles of Montessori Education

We are a community.

GSMIS sees our relationship with you as a partnership in which we both work for the best interests of your child. Children thrive when home and school are in sync!


Your child is unique.

While the academics are GSMIS’ huge strength, we honor each child as a competent individual with unique strengths and abilities.  


We 'follow the child.'

The curriculum is designed to bring out the best in each child. This means that teachers carefully observe each child’s development in order to "follow the child" with tailored learning to build on their interest, strengths, and progress.

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There are eight basic principles that provide a foundation for the Montessori classroom experience:

  1. Movement and cognition are closely entwined in children; movement can enhance thinking and learning.

  2. Choice. Learning and well-being are improved when children have a sense of control over their decisions.

  3. Children learn better when they are interested in what they are learning!

  4. Intrinsic Motivation. We show children that successful mastery of a task is the motivation and the reward.

  5. Learning from and with peers can be very conducive to learning.

  6. Learning within a meaningful context provides deeper and richer understanding than learning in abstract contexts.

  7. Particular forms of adult interaction are associated with more optimal child outcomes.

  8. Order in the classroom provides clarity and focus for children is beneficial to learning.

Adapted from: Lillard,  A. S. (2007) Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius New York, NY Oxford University Press

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