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Practical Life

The routines and activities that toddlers engage in help them develop independence and self-care abilities. Your child will learn how to dress and undress, as well as how to care for their environment and personal possessions. Pouring, scooping, spreading, and cutting are just a few of the abilities they master.


Caregiving Routines

Toddlers learn about the world through participating in and mastering routines.

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All the activities in our program incorporate movement. Toddlers also use specifically designed equipment in a big activity area in the classroom, as well as a daily visit to the outside playground, weather permitting.



Toddlers acquire language with remarkable ease, and language development is a key area of development at that age. Through peer interaction, conversations and teacher modeling, Your child will improve his or her language skills in vocabulary, articulation, and communication. 


We sing songs, play musical instruments, dance and move to music. Children are also exposed to many genres of music.

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Toddlers are exposed to art materials in a carefully planned order throughout the year, progressing from simple to more complicated. Your child will be introduced to a wide range of art materials, equipment, language, and colors.

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